Europhysiology 2018

14 - 16 September 2018

QEII Centre, London, UK

Scandinavian Physiological Society
Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft

Asking an (un)loaded question: what are the physiological and molecular determinants of atrophy in human skeletal muscle in disuse?

10.00 - 11.30, Saturday, 15 September
Mountbatten, Sixth Floor

Organiser: Stuart Phillips, McMaster University, Canada

Speaker panel

10.00 Paul Greenhaff, University of Nottingham, UK
SA020 Aetiology of immobilisation vs inflammatory induced muscle atrophy in vivo

10.30 Chris McGlory, McMaster University, Canada
SA021 Can we ‘out-nutrition’ physical inactivity? Nutritional countermeasures to attenuate human skeletal muscle disuse-atrophy

10.45 Lorenza Brocca, University of Pavia, Italy
SA022 Disuse skeletal muscle atrophy in humans: Proteomic and molecular adaptations

11.00 Abigail MacKey, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
SA023 Human skeletal muscle cell interactions to maintain muscle mass throughout the lifespan

Symposium summary

What process predominates to underpin simple disuse-mediated atrophy? There is still no consensus as to whether muscle that is lost due to declines in protein synthesis, increases in protein or both. In any case, the engagement of scientists in the discussion highlights just how relevant the topic is and how much we still have to learn. Thus, the aim of proposed symposium is to elucidate the molecular and physiological drivers of disuse atrophy including.