Europhysiology 2018

14 - 16 September 2018

QEII Centre, London, UK

Scandinavian Physiological Society
Deutsche Physiologische Gesellschaft


Asking an (un)loaded question: what are the physiological and molecular determinants of atrophy in human skeletal muscle in disuse?
Organiser: Stuart Phillips, McMaster University, Canada

Dysregulation of cellular and microenvironmental pH as a signal driving cancer development
Organisers: Stine Falsig Pedersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Christian Stock, Hannover Medical School, Germany and Pawel Swietach, University of Oxford, UK

Estrogen, exercise and vascular function
Organiser: Ylva Hellsten, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Fructose in physiology: friend or foe?
Organisers: Javier Gonzalez, University of Bath, UK and Robin Rosset, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

Hormone and nutrient sensing in the brain
Organiser: Beatrice Maria Filippi, University of Leeds, UK

Inflammatory hypoxia
Organiser: Joachim Fandrey, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Innovations in physiology education
Organiser: Sarah Hall, Cardiff University, UK

Organiser: Sandip Patel, University College London, UK

Microbial fingerprints and bile acid signatures in health and disease
Organiser: Stephen Keely, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Ireland

Molecular mechanisms of mechanoprotection, mechanosensation and mechanotransduction in the cardiovascular system
Organiser: Sarah Calaghan, University of Leeds, UK

Nanodomain signaling in cardiac myocytes
Organiser: William Louch, University of Oslo, Norway

Novel physiological roles for “ignored” receptors:  Ignored no more!
Organiser: Jennifer Pluznick, Johns Hopkins Univeristy School of Medicine, USA
Sponsored by the American Physiological Society

Sex matters - beyond the obvious
Organisers: Susan Wray, University of Liverpool, UK and Gabriele Pfitzer, University of Cologne, Germany

Structure-function relation in the myosin II motor
Organisers: Marco Linari,Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
Special symposium organised by the Italian Physiological Society

Sympathetic activity in hypertension: new insights in pathophysiology
Organisers: Maarten Koeners, University of Bristol and University of Exeter, UK and Jaap Joles, University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands

The axon initial segment: A hub for neuronal activity, plasticity and disease
Organisers: Winnie Wefelmeyer, King's College London, UK and Maren Engelhardt, University of Heidelberg, Germany

The dynamic response of mitochondria to exercise
Organiser: Andy Philp, University of Birmingham, UK

Thermoregulation and hibernation: utopia or reality for space exploration in humans?
Organisers:Stéphane Besnard, INSERM, France and Luc Pénicaud, CNRS, France
Special symposium organised by the French Physiological Society

Utilizing single neuron transcriptomics and targeting specific brain circuits affecting metabolism with chemogenetics
Organiser: Suzanne Dickson, University of Gothenborg, Sweden

Vascular microdomain signaling and possible novel treatments in cardiovascular diseases
Organiser: Vladimir Matchkov, Aarhus University, Denmark